About The Tallit

Here’s The Truth: We founded The Tallit because we had to…

The younger generation in our family had just come of Bar and Bat Mitzvah age and finding a detailed list of vendors was impossible.

So being entrepreneurs by nature we decided to make the resource that our family needed to turn simcha dreams into simcha reality.

And guess what? The rabbit hole was even deeper then we imagined…there’s a whole world of vendors who specialize in Mitzvah’s! These are people who know how to serve the needs of teenagers and adults alike, even a few who shun the wedding industry entirely, preferring only to focus on jewish coming-of-age parties!

Furthermore, in modern event planning, people use online platforms to stay organized and make better decisions. Our mission at The Tallit is to make Bar Bat Mitzvah planning as easy as possible by providing such a platform for our community.

– Noah and Adam Weitzman