Meet The Team

Noah Weitzman

CEO, Rescue Puppy Father and Thai Coconut Soup Enthusiast

Noah is an experienced entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt. And as is commonplace among CEO types - Noah is frequently found taking a morning swim at 4 in the morning to prepare for his hour long meditation session....jk he does 10 minutes at best. He previously drank Kambucha but is now on the Matcha Tea stuff or maybe he's back to water now, I don't know. Word is he's sworn off caffeine for some reason.

Favorite Bar Mitzvah Moment: It's a bit cliche but being lifted in a chair high above the mortal toil of planet earth is Noah's favorite memory. That, and his Nana being proud he was able to get through all of his torah portion without losing focus.

Adam Weitzman

CTO, Black Lab Puppy Father and Tamale Enthusiast

When not trying to get his photographer sister to take a decent professional headshot of him, Adam is usually writing code, copy, or taking his new black lab puppy out to potty.

Favorite Bar Mitzvah Moment: As you may have read, I did get to kiss my 7th grade girlfriend on the cheek, it's an important life event because we had been ignoring each other for a full year after we got together. Classic 12 year old relationship (don't judge, this was before cell phones!)

Liora Gonicman

Marketing Intern, Tea and Caffeine Enthusiast

Liora is currently a junior studying Psychology and International Affairs at Lewis and Clark College. One of her favorite pass times is trying to find the best coffee/tea shops to study in ( Because unlike Noah she really likes caffeinated drinks). She also enjoys finding cool hiking spots around the area.

Favorite Bat Mitzvah Moment: Since I did my Bat Mitzvah in a group before the party we rented a limo and we went to a Bobba place and one of the girls spilled her Bobba all over the floor. Kind of mean but her reaction was priceless and no one’s dress got ruined so it was all good. We also had an insane dance party in the limo which was cool.

Rachel Teichman

Senior Content Writer, Mom to a Bunch of Kids & Cats and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Enthusiast

From watching movies and making pizza at her own slumber parties, to planning family outreach events for the JCC, Rachel has always been involved in the event world personally or professionally. She has written about shopping for the Austin American-Statesman website, blogged about family happenings for Red Tricycle and created posts about Jewish holidays and crafts for Kveller. She volunteers too much at her children’s school and synagogue, and is knee deep in planning her own daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Iced hazelnut lattes make it all possible.

Favorite Bat Mitzvah Moment: When her friend Stephanie asked her what song she wanted dedicated to her, and she answered with “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” by Whitney Houston. The DJ played it under the pink and grey balloon arch, and everyone danced along with the moves they learned during PE. Song requests and dedications were a new thing in their lives, so it was a big deal. So were balloon arches.

Juliette Goldman

Director of Marketing, Rescue Maltipoo Doggy Mom and Alfajores Enthusiast

Juliette is leveraging her marketing, sales and Jewish community experience to get the word out about The Tallit. When she is not schlepping her daughters around or volunteering, she can either be found taking a class at Orange Theory or opting for a quick power nap.

Favorite Bat Mitzvah Moment: While planning for her daughter’s upcoming bat mitzvah, Juliette quickly realized the she needed a tool to help her plan for the big day. That same day, she happened to stumble across a story in the J Weekly about The Tallit, and the rest is pure kismet!