Is your child becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Mazel Tov! Let’s get this simcha planning party started.

Before We Begin…

Your plan to throw a party, nay a whole weekend, the entire family will always remember…that’s kind of a big deal. And we’re so happy you found our website. Think of us as your community of planners and super connected friends who work daily in the fields of Bar Bat Mitzvah planning.

We’ve seen all styles and themes (even one with a professional circus), and we can’t wait to share our expert advice with you.

We’re in this together: We started doing this work by talking to hundreds of parents just like you. We’ve traveled personally to many synagogues in the Bay Area and we know the problems that all parents, whether affiliated with a synagogue or independent from one, face when party planning.

We care about what you’re doing and we still remember how awesome our Bar Mitzvah was.

Interested to learn more about who we are and why we started this? Here’s the trick: Our company basically runs on jasmine tea and blueberries. I’m not kidding.

Find Your Venue

It’s the part that makes the magic of the Mitzvah happen – good thing we have tons of mitzvah venues on The Tallit!

All of these mitzvah venues are synagogue and parent approved. See prices, discounts and offers all along with awesome photos.

Find Mitzvah Specialist Vendors

These aren’t just any vendors, these mitzvah vendors are experienced working with kids and thrive on the fun of a mitzvah! These are vendors that love the rowdy vibe of working mitzvahs and prefer them to weddings.

All of our mitzvah vendors are referred to us by synagogues and parents.

Join Our Community

Lets be honest here, the community of friends and family who give and share advice are what have made great mitzvahs happen for centuries!

Join the facebook community as we turn the age old practice of gathering and sharing advice on a modern platform.

Get Expert Tips and Tricks

All the minute details of planning a simcha can be difficult to pull together, especially for a first time planner!

We’ve got loads of articles on mitzvah planning to make sure you get started on the right foot. Go here to begin your journey:

Told you you could do it!

There’s no doubt that planning is stressful and full of close calls (will the caterer show up on time?!) We hope our website and community makes it just a little bit easier for you to pull off a special mitzvah weekend.

All this talking of planning and not a single list! Hold on…we have an affiliated checklist (for members of a synagogue) and independent checklist (for parents who are not members of a synagogue.)

That’s a good a place as any to get going on making your dream party a reality.

Enjoy the journey and send us a pic of your event!

<3, Adam and Noah