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Find San Francisco Mitzvah Venues: synagogue rooms, community centers, city halls, private clubs, art galleries, restaurants, bars, famous landmarks and everything in between. Click on a listing to see detailed information, pricing, photos, and reviews for mitzvah venues in San Francisco.

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SF Design Center Galleria

Located in San Francisco’s hip design district, The Galleria is an elegant location for your mitzvah.

cat-icon 101 Henry Adams St., San Francisco, CA 94103

The Presidio

The Presidio is a magnificent place to gather.

cat-icon 103 Montgomery Street San Francisco CA 94129

Julia Morgan Ballroom

Located in scenic downtown San Francisco, The Julia Morgan Ballroom offers more than 4,300 square feet of unobstructed exhibit and event space, five accompanying breakout rooms, and a bar and lounge. The ballroom’s generous amenities are enough to serve the venue’s multifaceted events, while its striking interior and gorgeous views have earned its place as one of the best Bar Bat Mitzvah venues in the San Francisco area.

cat-icon 465 California Street, 15th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104

Cliff House

The Cliff House, a San Francisco landmark since 1863

cat-icon 1090 POINT LOBOS SAN FRANCISCO, CA 9412